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Mash your beans in a ziplock bag.

Mash your beans in a ziplock bag.

When a recipe calls for a fancy appliance or apparatus that you may not have handy in your kitchen, don’t be discouraged. With a little creative thinking and some basic kitchen tools and aides you can definitely achieve the desired result, if not at the very least close to it. It just takes a little elbow work and some patience. Tonight’s challenge was to create a white bean mash, which could be quickly whipped up in a noise food processor.

White Bean mash or puree: Using your favorite brand of white or cannellini beans drain and pour out onto clean paper towels to pat off the excess liquid. Doing this makes will make the mixture thicker, but it is optional. Then place in a large enough zip lock bag and release most of the air before zipping it shut. Then gently with both hands begin to mash the beans inside feeling your way until there are no lumps. Be careful not to squeeze too hard or your mixture may pop out from top or you’ll break the bag. Once you have it your desired texture, transfer your mixture to bowl and continue to cook or add seasonings directly to the bag for a mix quick for a ice mashed white bean dip!

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